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This month in the Toddler Room we have taken an interest in animals and how we can help them and have brought into the room lots of vets resources to put onto a topic table for the children to explore the different pieces of equipment and what it is used for.

We have been learning a little about Chinese New Year and were using our senses to taste, touch and smell some of the foods that people have at Chinese New Year. We used noodles in our home corner area using forks, spoons and chop sticks to transport them into different bowls and plates. During this time the children tasted the noodles and we spent some time talking about the taste.

In the home corner we brought in real foods for the children to investigate they really enjoyed using the carrots, onions and leeks and the children went on to make vegetable soup from this activity. The children loved eating their soup at afternoon snack!

We have changed our snack area into a construction corner bringing in more resources to create a construction site for example a table with a computer, a big tub of wooden bricks, some dressing up items. We even created a partition using a wooden stand and red material with a sign to show there was building works! The children have been really interested in this area demonstrating good turn taking when using the computer and a good use of their imaginations when pretending to build a new house with the blocks.

The Toddlers were very creative making some cards for Valentine’s Day. They were using red feathers, red glitter and different coloured love heart shapes to stick to our cards. We were also helping to make some love heart shaped crayons to take home along with our love heart shaped salt-dough or angels.

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