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Pre-school February 2016

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Pre- school made lovely cards for Mother’s day using our handprints to make flowers. We also made pasta jewelry for our Mum’s. We then wrote in our cards what we like best about our Mum’s.

We went on a treasure hunt in the garden as we have been very interested in pirates. We wrapped tin foil on circle cards and used metal detectors in our nursery garden to find where they had been hidden. It was great fun! We also enjoyed playing with our small world pirate ship. We made our own pirate hats at the gluing table and put our own pirate symbols on them

For world book day we brought in our favourite stories from home. We enjoyed showing everyone in our Pre-school class what books we brought in. When we all sat down on the carpet our teachers read our stories to our friends so that everyone could enjoy them.

Pre-school have shown a lot of interest in castles this month. We have enjoyed creating adventures in our small world castle, role playing with the knights and horses. Also, we created our own castles at the gluing table. We chose brown, grey, black and red paint as well as having gluing materials such as tin foil and a variety of other materials. Pre-school went a walk down the Heugh to see the ruins of a watchtower that protected a church in the world war. We discussed the roles within castles, talking about soldiers in the war.

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