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Pre-school March 2016

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This month in pre-school we have been very excited about our eggs that have been hatching into chicks. We have been learning about their life cycle and how we care for them. We know that the eggs are kept in the incubator to keep them warm. The children have had the opportunity to bring the eggs out and look at the difference between the chick eggs and the unfertilised egg under a special microscope. As we have been taking them out we have been very careful with the eggs and counting them to practice our numeracy skills. Pre-school have done some fantastic chick gluing at the art table using feathers, card and googly eyes! We have then put them up on our chick display next to the eggs.

We have also shown a lot of interest in Easter. Pre-school have been learning about the story of Easter and why it is celebrated. We read a book about Jesus and the stone. We celebrated Easter ourselves by making cards using potato prints and stickers to decorate them. We then practiced signing our names so that we could give the card to our loved ones. We made paper mache eggs at our gluing table using balloons to make the shape of the egg and then decorating them using paint. We have great fun getting messy in our water tray as we put egg shaped jelly in it. It was great fun! When we were out in the garden we had an egg hunt. The eggs were hidden around the garden and we used our counting and gross motor skills to find them.

Dinosaurs have been a big part of pre-school this month. We have been using our problem solving skills to put our toy dinosaurs in order from biggest to smallest. We also compared our footprints to dinosaurs footprints as we painted our feet and our toy dinosaurs feet and printed them both on paper. It was very interesting to explore the differences. We explored dinosaur fossils at our light table and in our water tray. As well as examining dinosaur x-rays at the light table. We had great fun exploring dinosaurs in all the different areas in pre-school.

Pre-school had a party to celebrate St.Patrick’s day. We had a themed snack and danced to Irish music. We made cards to give to our family by painting our hands green to make leprechauns and lucky four leaf clovers.

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