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Tweenies, June 2016

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Tweenies have been getting ready for summer this month. We have been using different materials to create marks on our paper. We enjoyed used frozen paint in lollypop moulds with different colours of paper and rolled cars and stickle bricks in paint to express our feelings and interests through being creative. We also created crab inspired pictures for our beach display and yummy ice creams too! 13346102_1114695131935622_3609087957095230037_o


We went to visit our local library to find some books about farm animals and pirate as the Tweenies has shown a lot of interest in these topics. On our way back to nursery, we stopped off at the fire station to look for Fireman Sam, and also spotted a tractor, buses and lots of cars.


We have been enjoying the mud kitchen with our friends in the Toddler and Pre-School rooms. Tweenies have been transporting water around the mud kitchen using cups, pans and buckets, which they have then 13458706_1124036704334798_5300818365041600570_o 13392135_1124036691001466_6828487143867379003_obeen mixing with mud and bark to make soup and ‘hot-hot’ tea for staff and their friends.


Tweenies also helped to celebrate Charlie and Jays birthday by helping them to make a birthday cakes and cards. We practiced our turn taking and waiting skills while making the birthday cakes and our fine-motor skills were developed while scooping the flour and sugar into the bowl!

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