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Cruisers July 2016

Filed under: Butterflies — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 9:15 am on Friday, August 5, 2016

Cruisers have explored lots from different art materials and made some lovely pictures. We have created a summer display and interactive garden display in our story corner with all the pictures which have brightened up our room. We have added photos of the children this has created lots of interest and they are learning each other’s names looking at the photos and pointing out their friends. We would like to add photos from home of the children enjoying summer, this could be any thing from photos of them in the garden, out on a walk to holidays. If you have any photos you can add to our display you can give them to cruiser staff or email them to the nursery website and we will print them off the children love looking at them.

We have spent lots of time in the garden enjoying the weather, we have been taking our indoor activities out and enjoyed art activities, water play and making music in the garden. Cruisers have been practicing balancing on the balance beam learning to take turns as well as developing their gross motor skills. Cruisers have been looking after the radish that was planted a while back watering them when we are in the garden. We have been enjoying picnics in the garden too at snack time with

Cruisers have been showing a lot of interest in role play activities so the home corner has been very popular. We have had a verity of different activities on offer including bubbly water in the sink to wash dishes, bathing dollies and different materials to mix and ‘cook’.

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