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Filed under: Butterflies — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 9:04 am on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This month the children have explored lots of different sensory activities.
We have been using our heuristic materials doing lots of open ended play. As the children were interested in the natural objects in the heuristic basket we went out a walk and collected sticks, leaves and pine cones which we used to make a sensory farm with farm animals then created lovely pictures by gluing the materials onto paper.
We also set out smelling and tasting activities with different foods and spoke about the smell and taste of each one. We have added scents to our water and play dough too and brought out hot and cold water to explore the different temperatures.

We have moved our room around to make the areas more inviting and spacious and brought in the wrens nest for the children to take time out in.

We have spent alto of time in the garden again this month and been enjoying all weathers, particularly the rain! Butterflies got wrapped up and went out to explore the rain looking up to the sky and stretching out their hand feeling the rain drops on their face and fingers. We filled a tuff spot up with bubbly water on the ground and the children had lots of fun splashing with their wellies on! Can we ask parents to provide wellies and wet suits please now we are heading into autumn.

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