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This month in the dragonfly room we took part in our nursery Olympic games.  We had lots of events that took place.  We had a bike race, javelin, gymnastics, running races, athletics, a wheelbarrow race, a sack race and even a boat race!  We set up 1st, 2nd and 3rd podiums outside in our front garden so we could have a medal ceremony after each event.  We held our Olympic games in the nursery and at Polson park.  This meant we also got lots of opportunities to explore the park area with our friends.  We all were very excited to take part in our Olympic games and were very proud to tell our parents about our achievements.


We made an Elmer the elephant display with our teacher in the messy room.  This was because we asked if we could make a colour display and we knew that Elmer was full of colours!  We painted paper plates all the different colours that are on Elmer.  These were yellow, orange, purple, green, blue and black.  We then painted a plate grey for the colour of an elephant.  Then with the support of our teacher we made a big Elmer to cut out and paint patchwork colours.

Also this month we changed our story corner to make it a nice, cosy space to sit down with a story book.  We draped lovely blue and purple material over the area.  We then found a cosy carpet and some comfy pillows.  We have chosen some soft toys to keep out for a cuddle.

We decided that we would like some new things in our home corner.  We brought the boxes up from the shed and made decisions together on which utensils and food to change.  We also brought up things to look after the babies in the home corner.  We chose lots of dressing up clothes which we enjoy exploring such as our princess dresses and our astronaut suit!

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