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Ladybird, August 2016

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We have had a busy month developing our displays in the room and using Ladybirds as our inspiration. We have created individual ladybirds for our door display and have been exploring red and black paint independently using different materials such as sponges, paintbrushes and our hands to create great pictures and group art works.

To help develop the Ladybirds language skills, we have be working with them using flash card at group time and 1-to-1 too. We have been practicing our animal noises with no support from staff, and have also been repeating words we are unsure about.

We have also been developing the Ladybirds fine motor skills through providing them with scissors. We have been supporting them while using them. Through this activity, the children have also been developing their hand-eye co-ordination. We have been practicing our cutting with paper using both straight cut scissors and crinkle-cut scissors.

The Ladybirds have also been spending a lot of time in the garden, practicing our jumping skills on the soft play and practicing on balance bikes as well as getting messy in the mud kitchen! We have been on a few trips to the park, shops and library to stay connected to the local community.

The staffs in the room have created a floor book, which the Ladybirds have enjoyed exploring with their peers and teachers. They have enjoyed spotting themselves in the pictures and telling staff what they can see too. Through the floor book, the children are building relationships with each other and developing their place in the world.

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