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Ladybird, November 2016

Filed under: Ladybirds — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 11:59 am on Friday, December 2, 2016

This month we introduced 5 new children into the Ladybird room this month, and have been developing our group time in the morning to help them develop strong relationships with each other and their teachers. We have been having a lot of free play and small group activities to further develop their relationships.
We have been taking part in lots of sensory play this month; we used shaving foam in the car garage to turn it into a car wash. The children had lots of fun racing the cars down the slide and clapping their hands together when they were covered in shaving foam. We also enjoyed washing the dishes in the house corner this month!

As Christmas is coming up, we also completed our Christmas Enterprise where the children made monkey calendars, using brown hand prints as the monkeys body before sticking on leaves made from paper and pipe cleaners to their paper. They also made Christmas tree cards and coloured in Christmas baubles. They money raised will go towards Cash for Kids and Kids Love Clothes. The children will help pick toys and clothes for this next month.

In December we will also be taking part in a reverse advent calendar in the room, each day we will choose someone to bring in a tin of food or toiletry and we will donate what we collect to the Tranent Food Bank.

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