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Ladybird, December 2016

Filed under: Ladybirds — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 12:19 pm on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Ladybirds have been developing their independence through self-sourcing a variety of mark making materials such as paint, pencils and chalk and using these to create marks on their paper and the chalk on the floor. We also used onions with black, white and grey paint to print and stamp onto our paper and used Santa as our inspiration.

We have been developing our gross-motor skills by using the soft play in the room; we have been practicing jumping with one/two feet needing little or no support. We have also been exploring the slide and seeing what does and doesn’t roll down without us pushing it! We found out that balls and cars work the best and wooden blocks needs some help.

Thank you for all your donations for the revers advent calendar, the children helped to deliver the food to the Tranent food bank. Some of the children also went to Adsa with Helen and Leanne to choose toys and clothes for the Cash for Kids appeal and Kids Love Clothes, which was bough with the donations raised from the Christmas enterprise.

We had a great Christmas party on the second last day. The children enjoyed a special visit from the Christmas Fairy and had a yummy Christmas dinner for lunch before coming back to the room to dance, play pass the parcel explore ice with glitter and sequins in it.

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