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Filed under: Dragonflies — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 12:23 pm on Friday, March 31, 2017

Dragonflies have been extremely busy this month. Some of our children went a visit to Harelaw Equestrian farm to collect chick eggs. We have the eggs safely in our incubator and are expecting 6 out of the 7 eggs to give us baby chicks on the 10th of April. We have been looking at lots of chick facts and learning that the chicks can hear is inside the egg. Our 4-5 year olds have been discussing going to school and learning about where their school is and what it looks like we have started a display in our room which you are welcome to look at. There has been lots of interest in writing letter and numbers our writing area has been updated adding the letters of the alphabet in upper case and lower case. We were writing our names and adding them to the display. Dragonflies have been working hard on their next steps and we have them displayed on our apple tree and the children regularly check their next steps and update them with the help of staff. We are looking at exploring science activities for part of our development plan we recently made bouncy eggs using eggs, food colouring and vinegar the eggs soaked for 3 days then the shell peeled off and we bounced them in the tuff spot. We are currently creating a paper mache volcano and will hopefully watch it erupt.

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