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Rainbows April 2017

Filed under: Rainbows — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 4:25 pm on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This month we have been really enjoying learning about Spring. We have been very interested in planting and have started planting some carrots, cress and sunflowers. We always water them everyday to make sure they are growing properly. We have talked about the different parts of the flower. We discussed the petals, the stem and the leaves!

We also started an experiment with some flowers to see if they would colour change after we put them in some food colouring, however they haven’t changed that much! Since these ones haven’t worked, we’re going to try with some celery instead!

We have also began to look after our ladybirds. They come to us at the larva stage, and everyday for group time we have sat down to look at how they are growing. We have a book about the ladybirds which we have been reading. It tells us all about their shells, how they turn into a ladybird, where they live and what they eat! We have enjoyed talking about what colours they are and how many legs they’ve got! Hopefully in a week or so we should have fully grown ladybirds! We will then release them into the garden so they can live outside and start families of their own!

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