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Dragonflies April Blog

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Dragonflies have been looking after the baby chicks, there names are sky, sing, cheep cheep and storm trooper. They are getting big very quick and beginning to fly they are getting ready to go to their new home soon.

Some of our preschoolers have been visiting their schools, we have began transition diaries and discussing how school and nursery may be similar and what the differences are adding our comments to the transition diaries which can go to school with us.

We have enjoyed learning about the wormery in the garden, exploring where foods grow, how they arrive in the shops for us to buy, once we eat them the leftovers get fed to the worms which they eat very slowly create fertiliser and this help us grow new plants. We created a display in our messy room to show our learning.

In the homecorner we have been learning about babies and putting clothes on the babies, we have lots of baby resources and toys up to explore. We have also been looking at feelings using the feelings masks and puppets exploring what a baby may be feeling when it’s crying and how the mummy, daddy or sibling would feel.

We have began to look at the science area of our development plan. We made a paper mache volcano using newspaper and glue, we painted it to resemble a volcano and added ingredients to make a chemical reaction causing an eruption, we then created the same reaction using Diet Coke and mentos, we have been learning about dormant and extinct volcanoes and recognising the difference. If any one has any science ideas feel free to pass them on.

We are recently showing an interest in learning about the human body and particularly the digestive system and how the stomach and intestines work. Look out for lots of experiments and messy play.

We had our first outing to the beach and it was a great success we we very sensible and behaved really well on the bus. We explored lots of areas at the beach and splashed in the sea. We really enjoyed our picnic at the beach and no one fell asleep on the bus home ! We are beginning to plan our second outing.



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