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Filed under: Butterflies — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 12:18 pm on Friday, June 2, 2017

In the butterfly room we have been learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar. We looked after our very own caterpillars and watched them go into their cocoon then turn into butterflies. We gave them some fruit to eat on Monday then released them. The children have been very interested. We have been painting butterflies and exploring mini beast resources. We have been enjoying the hot weather out in the garden and have been doing lots of different activities outside such as painting and gluing. The children have been interested in singing nursery rhymes using the finger puppets and racing the animal stories in the story corner. The butterflies have also been practising their counting skills using different objects such as buttons and hoops. Recently they have been really interested in exploring dry foods such as; oats, lentils, flour, chick peas and rice crispy’s. We used mixing bowls, spoons and whisks to mix all of the foods together. We also had lots of messy fun throwing the flour up in the air!
We made a new summer beach display and made lots of different pictures of sea creatures. We used different art materials such as buttons, googley eyes, paint and cookie crisp cereal to stick on our pictures.

To make our summer display more interactive, we would love for parents to hand in a photo of the children on their holidays please!

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