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Rainbows June 2017

Filed under: Rainbows — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 10:19 am on Thursday, June 29, 2017

This month we have been really enjoying learning about safari animals! A lot of our friends have been to the safari park recently so we have created a lovely display using some drawings of the safari animals we have seen! We have some ferocious tigers, some stripey zebras and we were told about some cheeky monkeys that were on the top of someone’s car! We really enjoyed using some bubble wrap on rolling pins and rolled it into black and orange paper. One of our friends brought in some more animal masks for us to play with!

We have also been practicing our shape recognition. We have been using the light box and some translucent shapes with liquid in the middle. As we moved our fingers to trace the outside of the shapes, the liquid moved inside which we thought was great fun! We have also brought in some shape resources to create an interactive display with some shape sorters to explore. If you haven’t picked up a shape song sheet, then feel free to, they are in the hallway!

This month has also been a great month for exploring the water in the garden as it has been a very very wet month outside! We love to get our wetsuits and welly boots on and jump in all the muddy puddles. We have also been using the big brushes to brush all the bubbles around the garden that we have added to make our muddy puddles even more exciting! We have been exploring mark making using the water and paintbrushes on the pavement and the walls!

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