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Rainbows July 2017

Filed under: Rainbows — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 12:24 pm on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

This month, the Rainbow Room have been learning loads about mini beasts!  We have done all sorts of activities, including going on a bug hunt down the heugh!  We had a great time looking under rocks, in the trees and on the ground as we walked down.  We found lots of mini beasts, including snails, a centipede, worms and even a ladybird!  We were all very brave and asked to hold some of the creepy crawlies!  We also made a bug house for our mini beasts,  and had a bug race!  We cheered on at the side for the snails and slugs to win!

We have also been practicing using our fine motor skills in the water tray using the water droppers and the new big water jug, which we continued at our writing table.  We practiced squeezing the tops of the water droppers to suck up the water and squirt it into the big water jug to fill it up.  We also brought some syringes in to use with the paint.  We practiced pulling up the top of the syringe to suck up the paint and then squirted it onto the paper!  The paint was so thick on the paper that it nearly broke the paper!

We have also introduced Jumbo to our friends.  Jumbo is our adventure elephant who watches our room to decide who he would like to go home with to have lots of exciting adventures!  We will bring him back to nursery after having lots of adventures to tell our friends what he has been up to!

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