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Ladybird, September 2017

Filed under: Ladybirds — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 4:47 pm on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This month we held an informal parents night, where some of our new children came for a look around the room with their parents. The children enjoyed showing their parents around their new room and enjoyed splashing in our orange water!!

We have been practicing getting dressed independently after having a sleep or a rest. The children have been trying to get dressed without support, before asking for help. We have been encouraging and supporting them with both verbal and non-verbal communication and after the children have got their nappies changed we have been encouraging them to pull up their own trousers. The children are becoming more confident at getting dressed by themselves because of this, well done!

All the children have been practicing recognising their names using pictorial aids. We have been helping them while they are independently getting their water bottle and using their pictures to help them. With a little bit of support, the children are becoming able to self-identify their water bottles.

Desiree and Jonah have been taking time out for themselves while exploring fine motor skills activities. Michelle brought in a colander and some straws and we watched as Jonah and Desiree’s carefully places the straws into the holes in the colanders. To further theirs interest, we brought in buttons to place into different shaped containers with wholes in their lids and set up different kitchen tools for the children to develop their fine motor skills with while transporting the sand onto plates/ pots.

Please remember that we have individual photos on Wednesday 4th of October.

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