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Rainbows Web Blog November 2017

Filed under: Rainbows — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 2:19 pm on Thursday, November 30, 2017

This month we have been learning all about the dark nights. We have created some beautiful pictures of fireworks using black paper and some neon coloured paints! We had a great time dipping our dish brushes into the paint and stamping them onto the paper, which made the paint go everywhere!
We have also been exploring the use of technology in the garden when it gets dark. We have been using the torches to look at all the things we couldn’t see in the dark! It was great fun, and we learned that lots of animals come out at night time like slugs and snails!
We have also been reading some books about the dark nights and which creatures like the dark. Our favourite one was definitely the Peppa Pig one called ‘Night Creatures’!
We have also been exploring different textures in our tuft trays this month. This included shredded paper, water beads, lentils, pasta and loads more!
Towards the end of the month we have been getting ready for our Christmas Fair. It has been really busy helping Santa to make lots of decorations, bake some special treats and create our wonderful Christmas Enterprises to raise money for charity! It has been great fun!

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