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At the start of November we were discussing the story of guy fawkes and bonfire and fireworks night. As the children had taken an interest we used forks to make fiery pictures we also added little bits of wood to create the wood for our lovely bonfire pictures. We also made some awesome fire work pictures using a scrubbing brush that you might use to wash your dishes and dipped it into paint to make multicoloured firework pictures.
We also had a change in the room at this time and we changed both the rooms making one room what some people would say a boys room with a work bench, boys dress up, cars, trains, boys games and lots of blue decorations. In the other room it was all decorated in pink decorations and had real flowers in the water tray to make “perfume.” We also had princess books and dresses, flower puzzles, dollies and babies. This was an experiment to see where the children would play most and if the genders would mix between what is classed as girl and boy toys. As part of the children’s responsive planning we set up a pirate display in our construction corner after they took an interest of turning our outdoor balance beam into a “pirate ship.” We brought in lots of pirates, pirate boats, swords, eyepatches, hats, dress up, story books and games about pirates. This theme lasted for a very long time due to how interested the children were and lasted up until the start of December.

As we do a daily calendar the children are very aware when we move in to a new month and got very excited when we had told them that we were in the month December. We started to talk about Santa lots and we also started to decorate our room in I me for our Christmas fair. We also started to create our calendars, Christmas baubles and reindeer dust to sell as enterprise stall at our fair. We also helped to set up games and crafts for our Christmas fair and made lots of Christmas art work such as wreaths (painted paper plates), Christmas tree decorations, and Christmas colour sheets that we then displayed around the room! We have been keeping track of a Christmas advent calendar and choose a different child each day!

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