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Ladybirds, February 2018

Filed under: Ladybirds — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 5:07 pm on Saturday, February 24, 2018

This month we have welcomed some new friends into the Ladybird Room from the Butterfly room. We have been taking part in small group activities to give the children time to build relationships with the Ladybird Room staff such as painting, making play dough and reading stories. We have changed the room a round a […]

Caterpillar Room

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The caterpillars have been enjoying using lots of musical instruments and listening to various types of music on CDs. We also enjoyed a trip along to the local library for a Book bug session. The children interacted well, using the instruments and listening to a short story. We have also loved exploring real foods, both […]

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Dragonflies have been working their socks of this month. We have been learning about fire fighters police officers and paramedics and discussing who to contact in an emergency situation we have also role played emergency situations and explained how we would call an ambulance and where we live just incase we need to let someone […]