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Dragonflies have been working their socks of this month. We have been learning about fire fighters police officers and paramedics and discussing who to contact in an emergency situation we have also role played emergency situations and explained how we would call an ambulance and where we live just incase we need to let someone know. We have also been learning about Valentine’s Day and what it is that we celebrate. We have created a post Box for our anonymous valentines cards and learnt how to be kind and recognise things that we love about ourselves and our friends. We have been exploring Chinese New Year, uwe created a dragon using paper mache and paint to help us scare away the negative spirits, we coloured some rice and use the China dishes and chopsticks to role play, we watched a film about festivals and leant that we can create lanterns and money wallets for Chinese New Year. We will be celebrating with some noodles and prawn crackers next week for snack. We are having pancakes for snack to celebrate shrove Tuesday. We improved the construction area and added in extra building bricks. We have been exploring real foods in our home corner. We have also been interested lying under the work bench fixing it using the real tools and using the real measuring tapes to measure how tall we are and how big different furniture and objects are around the room.

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