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Ladybirds – March 2019

Filed under: Ladybirds — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 1:06 pm on Friday, March 29, 2019

This month the ladybirds have been concentrating on the front garden of the nursery. We have been able to go outside and help plant different flowers and tidy up using our own rakes and brushes. We have enjoyed going out each day and using the watering cans to water the vegetables and the flowers, we […]

Rainbows March 2019

Filed under: Rainbows — Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery at 1:42 pm on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

This month the Rainbows have been very busy! We’ve been extending our interests of dinosaurs, by creating a tuft tray full of mud, sand and leaves for the dinosaurs to eat.  We went outside to the garden to dig up the mud so we could put it into the dinosaur land.  We also developed this […]