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Rainbows March 2019

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This month the Rainbows have been very busy!

We’ve been extending our interests of dinosaurs, by creating a tuft tray full of mud, sand and leaves for the dinosaurs to eat.  We went outside to the garden to dig up the mud so we could put it into the dinosaur land.  We also developed this by doing some potato printing.  Our teacher cut out the shape of a dinosaur foot in the potato and we were able to print it onto the paper and made dinosaur footprints!

We have enjoyed all our outings this month, to the beach, the care home and to Bookbug.  When we were last at the care home, we created some easter hats.  We decorated them with feathers, stickers and drew on them with pens!  As for our beach trips, we have enjoyed these the most.  As it is a new place we have been visiting, we are still finding lots of new things to explore there.  The last time we went we saw a dog named Ollie and were throwing his ball for him to catch along the beach.  Some of  us collected water in buckets while some ran into the water, chasing the waves as they came onto the sand to chase us!  We love riding the bus there, and can always see lots of things out the window including other buses, cars, and even some tractors!

We have been building some dens in the room and also outside.  One of our friends had told us they were building dens at home with their mum, and asked if they could also build some at nursery.  We draped a big piece of material over the units in the construction corner to create a den!  We added fairy lights to the back so we could see inside and began playing lots of different types of games.  We made an ice cream shop, built castles and even had a picnic for our snack in there too!  It was great fun.

We have been developing our fine motor skills a lot in the room this month using many different methods.  We have had some real food in the home corner and have been using the tongs to pick it up to transport it to other parts of the room.  We have also had a lot of playdough out, and have been using our fine motor skills to put it into some ice cube moulds.  This helps develop the strength in our hands and fingers by using our fingers to pull out the playdough from the ice cube trays.

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