Dragonflies – Bridge Street

Our Dragonfly rooms hold up to 18 children at any one time aged between 3 and 5 with three qualified practitioners with experience of ELC Framework guidance.  As Argyle Bridge are in Partnership with East Lothian Council all 3 year olds are entitled to funding from East Lothian Council starting from the term after the child’s 3rd birthday. Funding is given for the academic year.

Our areas of the nursery consist of a quiet room, a messy room and bathroom  area. We have a fantastic space with a range of high quality resources to further every child’s learning. In our quiet room the children have access to an interactive board which is used to develop the children’s interests, for group time activities as well as to access good quality educational resources. We have a subscription to Education City which is a good quality online resource which supports children’s learning within literacy, numeracy and science.  We have social areas in the nursery which encourage co-operation and sharing as well as areas for the children to learn independently and have their own space. We love getting messy and are always looking for new messy materials to explore.

The Dragonflies also access the garden at least twice a day. We love going out in all weathers taking our learning opportunities and interests out with us to access our fantastic garden. We also ensure the children have many, varied opportunities to explore their local and sometimes wider environment. The parents committee  have helped us provide experiences for the children out with the nursery environment by raising funds to purchase walk-o-diles making our community more accessible.

We use both the ‘Realising the Ambition-Being Me’ and the ELC Framework in the Dragonfly room using the experiences and outcomes to plan and track individual children’s learning. Our children are fully involved in planning their learning through  floorbooks, experiences and discussion. Our learning stories support the children to continually progress in their learning and encourage parents/carers to participate fully in their child’s learning. Our displays highlight our child centered approach with lots of examples of the children’s learning linked to the ‘Realising the Ambition-Being Me’ and ELC Framework.

In the Dragonfly room we aim to give children confidence, the ability to make their own choices and most of all we aim to give children enthusiasm for learning.