Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery

Building Foundations for the Future!

Meet Our Staff

Management Team

Helen Robertson (Owner) –  BA in Early Childhood Studies

Leanne Imrie (Manager) –  currently working towards her BA in Childhood Practice

Shirley Buchanan (Deputy Manager)(Lead Practitioner)(Dragonflies) –  PDA level 8

Suzanne Willison (Acting Deputy Manager) (Lead Practitioner) (Caterpillars) – SVQ III in Children’s Care, Learning and Development, SVQ IV in Social Services – Children and Young People

Rhianna Halfpenny (Acting Deputy Manager)(Maternity)  SVQ III


Suzanne Neil(Lead Practitioner)(Butterflies) -SVQ III in Children’s Care, Learning and Development

Amy Williams(Lead Practitioner)(Ladybirds) – currently working towards her BA in Childhood Practice

Lindsey Dove (Lead Practitioner)(Rainbows) – SVQ III

Samantha Hogg (Practitioner)(Butterflies) – working towards SVQ III 

Nicole Garrity (Practitioner)(Caterpillars) – working towards SVQ III 

Emma-Jane Nimmo (Practitioner) – SVQ III

Lynsey Henderson (Practitioner)(Dragonflies) – HNC Early Education and Childcare

Michelle Cockburn (Practitioner)(Maternity) SVQ III           

Stacia Balloch (Dragonflies) (Practitioner) working towards SVQ III 

Sarah Kelly (Caterpillars + Ladybirds) (Practitioner) SVQ III

Karina Doran (Rainbows) (Practitioner) SVQ III

Support Workers


Katrina Ritchie (Cook) – Intermediate 2 Food and Hygiene


We also support local colleges and schools providing placements for a range of students throughout the academic year.

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