Meet Our Staff

Management Team

Helen Robertson (Owner) –  BA in Early Childhood Studies

Leanne Imrie (Senior Manager – Bridge Street) –   BA in Childhood Practice

Jacqueline Robertson (Manager -Bridge Street)   – BA in Childhood Practice

Amy Fraser (Manager- Haddington Road) BA Childhood Practice (currently on Maternity Leave)

Louise Smith (Manager – Haddington Road)  SCQF level 7 Childhood Practice

Shirley Buchanan (Deputy Manager – Bridge Street) –  currently working towards her BA in Childhood Practice


Lead Practitioners

Suzanne Neil

Kelly Dickson


Senior Practitioners

Samantha Hogg (currently on Maternity Leave)

Brooke Thomson

Diane Hennig

Karina Doran

Lauren Howden

Tyler Johnstone

Lauren Kinnoch



Lauren Blues

Emma Phillips

Marta Guzikowska

Courtney Ewart

Rebecca Kinross

Chelsea McKillop

Jemma Kinross (currently on Maternity Leave)

Shirley Galazka

Abbie Minto


Working towards practitioner

Cameron MacConnachie

Jodie Bell

Emily French



Caelan MacNeil

Caitlin Barclay

Aimee Benn

Fallon Smith

Brooke McMahon

Tia Tait

Freya Beatson



Katrina Ritchie

Nina Feon



We also support local colleges and schools providing placements for a range of students throughout the academic year.