Argyle Bridge Children's Nursery

Building Foundations for the Future!

Meet Our Staff

Management Team

Helen Robertson (Owner) –  BA in Early Childhood Studies
Leanne Imrie (Manager) –  currently working towards her BA in Childhood Practice
Karen Bell (Deputy Manager) (Rainbows) – PDA in Early Education and Childcare
Suzanne Laing (Acting Deputy Manager) (Caterpillars) – SVQ III in Children’s Care, Learning and Development, SVQ IV in Social Services – Children and Young People
Rhianna Halfpenny (Acting Deputy Manager)(Maternity)  SVQ III


Shirley Buchanan (Lead Practitioner)(Dragonflies) –  PDA level 8
Suzanne Neil(Lead Practitioner)(Butterflies) -SVQ III in Children’s Care, Learning and Development
Amy Williams(Lead Practitioner)(Ladybirds) – working towards BA in Childhood Practice
Samantha Hogg (Practitioner)(Ladybirds) – NC in Child, Health and Social Care
Nicole Dickson (Practitioner)(Caterpillars) – NPA Childcare and Education
Emma-Jane Steele (Practitioner)(Maternity) – currently working towards SVQ III
Lindsey Dove (Practitioner)(Rainbows) – currently working towards SVQ III
Lynsey Henderson (Practitioner)(Caterpillars + Butterflies) – HNC Early Education and Childcare                                                                                                                                                                                       Michelle Cockburn (Practitioner)(Maternity) SVQ III                                                                                                                           Carly Mackenzie (Practitioner)(Ladybirds) SVQ III

Support Workers

Stacia Balloch (Dragonflies) working towards SVQ II 
Kimberley Scott (Rainbows) working towards SVQ III


Katrina Ritchie (Cook) – Intermediate 2 Food and Hygiene


We also support local colleges and schools providing placements for a range of students throughout the academic year.

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