To all the staff at abc thank you for taking care of me, wish you all the best love Rosie


Thank you for all the hard work and care to get Aydin ready for school. From Han, Lauren and Aydin


To all ABC girls, We can’t express our appreciation for all the care,love and support that you have all given Ben over his time here at nursery. Thank you or your hard work, your patience and for giving our son lots of fun while learning. We could not have asked for anything more!It is now time for the next chapter for Ben but his memories here will stay forever, at least with us they will. Thank you all very much for looking after our wee man. Love Nicole and Jordan


To All the Staff at ABC, Thank you so much for your exceptional care pf Finlay over the past 4 years. You’ve been there through his first words,steps and first friendships. You’ve been through his toilet training (sorry, he took ages!!) and his tantrums. Each room has supported him through a new age and stage and we cant thank you enough. We’ll see you soon with Lachlan! Love John, Danisha and Finlay.x


To ABC Nursery, thank you for being a great nursery and for looking after us we will miss seeing everyone. Lots of love from Adam and Lewis. x


To all the brilliant staff at ABC. Thanks for looking after my wee trooper Rosie Helping her turn into an amazing wee character she is now. Kevin & Rosie


Thank you from, the bottom of my heart for the care, love and attention you have given my boys. Walking in with a 4month old baby I cant believe its time for him to go, you have helped them to become the kind, caring, annoying ( on Leos part) boys they are today. Lots of love Karen, Leo and Cole


To everyone at ABC. Thank you so much for everything you have done for James over the years. We are so proud of the boy he’s became You have all played a big part in our lives. We will all miss you. Scott, Jen & James


To  all my teachers in the dragonflies room. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me and helping me learn lots of new things. We will miss you all!! Love Amelia РRose


Don’t know what to say after 11 years!!its going to feel really funny not coming in each day. ABC will always be a hug part of me, I have enjoyed every minute of working within the service and watching it grow from strength to strength. Thank you for all your support throughout my journey developing as a new practitioner and also coming back with babies in tow. You’re all fantastic at what you do, you provide an excellent service day in day out, You are a great team to have been a part of I wish you all every success in the future. Karen


Thank you so much for welcoming Keir into nursery. He has had a wonderful time and we can see how much he has grown in the last couple of years. Love Claire &Dave


Thanks to all the abc Staff for helping with my studies I have learnt alot and enjoyed my time at the nursery. From Danielle


Thank you so much for taking great care of Noah. We have been with ABC nursery for & years. End of an Era!! Thank you Marie and Gareth


To Helen, Leanne and all the staff team at ABC Nursery. Thank you for everything you have done for our sonsover the years you are the very best. Love Ronan, Cormac and their mum and dad.


Rainbow Teachers – Thank you for helping Aydin settle into his new life back in Scotland. We are grateful for all you have taught him. Love Han and Lauren


Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. I am going to miss you very much. Love from Alexander


To All the fabulous ladies in the dragonfly room. Thank you so much for bringing Freddie on so much in the short time you had him! Lots of Love Emma and Mark


To all the staff at ABC. The care you have all given our son has been amazing and really appreciated, he will miss you all lots. Thank you so much. Julie, Keeshy and Charlie


All the Girls at ABC, Thank you for making my time here so enjoyable, you are wonderful team to be apart of and you have helped me grow into the person I am today. On to my next adventure! I will miss you lots! Carly


To All the staff at Argyle Bridge, we would like to thank you for your kindness and support towards Desiree during her time here. Desiree has loved her time here and bonded well with you all enjoy the chocolates we will miss you!


To all the staff at nursery. Thank you for taking such good care of me this year. I hope you have a great Christmas. Love Alexander


To the staff at ABC. Thanks for all your time and support for sophie we enjoyed the graduation and appreciated your words about her. Regards Alison & Paul


Thank you for looking after me. Love Michael


To all the Staff at ABC. I cant thank you enough for all the care and support you have shown Jacob. He will miss you all. Love Amie


To all the girls. Just a wee thank you for covering my shifts whilst I have been off sick and your get well messages. will hopefully see you next week. Love Nicole


Thank you Lindsey for your attention and care for Jay, giving Jay the best possible start he could have love Vicky


To Stacia. Thank you for all the help and care you have given Jay. He will miss you loads. Vicky


Jay will miss the Rainbow room so thank you so much for having him. As Jay moves on to the next level I am happy to say that he is more confident and enthusiastic little dude no. This is all because of ABC I’ll miss you all so much you are all the best nursery teachers i could wish for and its rare to see nursery teachers who appreciate the kids individually. Thanks Vicky


To all the ABC Staff and Children, Thank you so much for taking good care of me and helping me learn and have lots of fun. lots of love Carson


To all the staff at ABC Nursery! Thank you all so much for looking after Alfie so well the past year. For introducing him to foods we didn’t think he would eat and for the extra portions when you found something he liked. Thank you for accepting him for who he is and understanding his world – it takes special people to do this! He is going to miss you all (and his friends) so so much. Keep doing what you are doing because we think you are great! Lots of love!


Thank you for making my time here so amazing we have all supported each other in so many different ways. You will all always be considered as friends and not work mates! ūüôā I will miss you all so much! Love Christie xxx


Thank you for looking after Jack for the last 5 years and helping him develop into the little boy he is now. You have all left a huge impression on him and he will miss you all lots! From Craig and Mandy.


Thank you to everyone for making my placement so enjoyable! Lots of love Sarah! xxx


Thank you to all at ABC Nursery but especially Shirley & Kirsty. You have all made Cormac’s time with you very special and thanks for all your help. You have been wonderful with Cormac and he has learnt such a lot. (Especially wheesht!) Love Edwina Cormac’s Grandma xx


Dear teachers thank you for looking after me at pre-school. It was a very kind thing to do! Leia


I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking me on for my nursery placement! This was not only and amazing learning experience for my speech and language therapy studies, but to see the amount of care and hard work that goes on by all the staff at Argyle Bridge! Everyone has been so kind and helpful and I am so kind and helpful and I am so grateful for that. I hope to see you all in the future!   Best wishes, Meaghan!


Dear Heather, Shirley, Amie and Rhianna and all the other staff and teachers. Thank you for everything. I will miss you all. I’ll visit soon” – Lots of love, hugs and cuddles James


“Thank you all so much for being such a big part of James’ life, since he started nursery nearly 4+1/2 years ago. James has loved nursery, and learned so much, and grown in confidence. Most importantly he has had fun! Thanks again to everyone.” – Love and best wishes Fiona and Grant


“To Helen and all the staff. Thank you for all your help with Harris’ development over the last couple of years. I know he will miss you all.” – Claire, Craig, Harris and Lola-Grace


“Thank you to everyone at ABC for looking after Holly for the past 3 years. She has had an amazing time and you all do a fab job with all the kids there. Holly and I are going to miss you all loads!” – ¬†Take care love Ellen and Holly


“To everyone at ABC. Thankyou for looking after Ethan so brilliantly over the past 4 years. We couldn’t have hoped for a better nursery experience and that is down to the staff and friends that bothe Ethan and we have made. Special thanks to Heather and Shirley for their help this year in getting Ethan ready for school. It has been a roller coaster but we’re all very excited! there’s too many of you to mention everyone – you’re all wonderful thanks again.” Love from Brian, Katherine, Ethan and Faye

“This is my last day at nursery and I really know that. Heather I’ll miss you alot, especially reading books. I’ll miss you alot Shirley, reading books again. I’ll miss you alo Samantha – I’m going to say reading books again. And Nikki, I’ll miss you Nikki and Rebecca. I’ll miss Ruraidh and my other friends. And Rhianna! I want to give everyone a big cuddle on my last day!” Love from Ethan

Message from Faye (Ethan’s sister) “Thanks for looking after my boy. I love Ethan ! I love Fraser too!” – Faye


“Thank you from me Zoe and Keith for making Zoe’s three years at ABC so enjoyable. All the staff have made a great effort with Zoe assissting her in the babies, tweenies, toddlers and pre-school. Zoe will miss the staff and all the children but is very keen to come back and visit. Thanks again girls love Lynsey”


“To everyone at ABC nursery, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I’ve had so much fun and learnt so much. Miss you lots love Sofia”


“To all at ABC. Thank you for everything you have done for Elsie and making¬† her time at ABC so much fun. She will miss you all” From Dave, Alison and Elsie.


“To Helen and all the staff at ABC! Thank you very much for having me. I have really enjoyed my time here. Thanks for making me feel so welcom! Special thanks to Heather, Shirley and Amie – what a team!” – Gillian (voluntary work placement)


“Thank you so much for bringing the nursery children in to see the residents. They thoroughly enjoyed their singing and would love them to come back sometime soon!” – From all the residents and staff at HCI Care Home


“Just a note to say a very big thank you, to everyone at ABC for making Eilidh’s years with you very happy. Together you create a warm, professional and caring place for children to learn, play and have fun. We have never had a moments worry leaving Eilidh with you. Eilidh will miss you.” Best wishes Amanda, Darren and Eilidh


“Thank you for doing everything I want and letting me play with teddies at nursery. I have really liked playing in the garden and chute outside and Iam going to miss everyone.” – Maisie

“Thank you for everything you have done over the past two years. Maisie has had a great experience at Argyle Bridge and we can’t thank the staff enough for their kindness and encouragement.” – Carrie and John


“Andrew loves coming to nursery and chats about his nursery friends at home. Keep up thegood work everyone!” – Clare


“Evie loves coming to nursery and we have noticed a significant difference in Evie’s learning. Happy for the nursery to continue doing a fantastic job!” – David Braid


“Emma loves nursery and that is thanks to the great staff and supportive atmosphere! Keep up the good work!!” – Louise Fallon


“Fearne has settled into the nursery from day 1 which has made things nice and easy for us. The staff that we have dealt with have all been fantastic and the facilities, especially the garden, are great!” – Claire and Fraser Hamilton


“Jamie is a happy, heathy and smart wee boy all thanks to the team here at ABC.¬† Thank you.” – Rob Moore


“Holly loves being up in the pre-school room and her speech has improved so much in the last 6-8 weeks so a big thank you to all the staff that have helped her with her reading exercises.” – Ellen


“Our wee boy Jamie has been coming to ABC since he was 10 months old… he is now 3 years and 2 months and I can’t thank the nursery enough! Jamie loves coming to nursery and he has come on leaps and bounds since being in pre-school. The staff are always friendly and approachable. A fun learning place to be!” – Morag Moore


“Harris loves coming to nursery and has made lots of friends.¬† He talks about all the things he does each day and how much fun he has had.¬† Thank you to all his teachers for all the support they have given to him” – Claire and Craig


“Thank you so much for looking after Keren since she was a baby. You have all helped to make her the confident and happy little girl she is. You have given us all so much more than just childcare. Thank you again and Keren will definitely be back to visit you all soon” –¬†love Caroline and Kevin Taylor.


“I would like to thank yourself and the staff for all your hard work and positive influences you’ve had in Joshua’s life. Myself and Chris couldn’t be happier with the care he has received and the support in his development from the nursery. He will miss the nursery dearly but the wonderful start he has had in life will, I’m sure, assist in his bright future development. ” – Thanks again, Chris and Carol Gibson


“Adam totally enjoyed every minute he spent with¬† all, as we did. It was so easy to leave Adam at nursery as we knew without question how happy and cared for he would be. It was so hard for me when Adam had to leave as I really feel that aside from Andy and I you all knew him inside out better than anyone else. Adam still misses you all very much and always wants to come and collect Ross. He’s lucky that with Ross and Hannah he’ll be able to visit for a few years yet! ” –¬†¬†With love and¬†thanks, the Gillies


“A big thank you for everything. I am so pleased with the nursery and glad both Lois and Sean have enjoyed every minute of their time at ABC. Lois has really matured and has become much more confident and I have to thank you and your staff for that. Thank you also for some of your support and help through some of the difficult times. You have a great nursery! ” – Much love, Wendy and Richy


“Thank you Helen for helping to look after me during my four fun years at your nursery and preparing me for starting school. I will miss you very much and all the friends I’ve made. I will also miss all of the other girls who have looked after me too. ” – Lots of love, Samantha


“A big thank you to all the girls who have worked with Adeena over the last 3 and a half years. As you will know she has grown in so many ways in this time. Without the love, attention and the special teaching she has received at ABC I doubt she would be going to school this year. Let’s hope she is just as successful and enjoys school as much as she has her time at ABC. ” – Thank you with love, Iram, Arsal and the kids


“Thank you very much for the wonderful care you have provided to Eilish over the last 6 months. We have seen her grow and develop as a result of being at nursery. We can tell how much she loves going from her smiles when she arrives.” – Love Kristin, Paul and Eilish


“Thank you so much for taking such good care of me for the last 3 and a half years. I have had such good fun, learnt so much and made so many friends. I will miss you all very much” – love Sophie


Thank you all so much for the care and support you have given Benn over the last four years. I’m sure Benn will miss all the laughs and fun from everyone (as will I) I can’t thank everyone enough for their individual part in Benn’s time at ABC. You will all be missed. Benn has told me he will visit every time he has a “day off” from school! – Love Carrie and Benn


“Thank you all so much for the wonderful care you have given our little princess. She’s had a fantastic experience in the nursery and will miss you all. Thanks again” – Carol and Chris


“Your support in providing an extended work experience placement has been exceptional. I have never in my 18 years of working with Pupil Support experienced such professionalism and commitment¬†from an external employer. You have given opportunity, advice, support and regular constructive, helpful feedback…Your team have encouraged, supported and motivated.” – Ross High School