Asthma: Week 35 25 – 31 August – A Guide for Patients/Carers

Rise in Asthma Attacks

Did you know there is a rise in Asthma Attacks in August when pupils go back to school after their summer holidays?

Each year we see an increase in asthma attacks in children when they return to school which often result in admission to hospital. 

Check out our top tips to try and avoid this happening.

Remember, asthma attacks are serious and you need to get help day or night if your child is not responding to their blue inhaler.

Primary 1 Visit The Bay

This morning Primary 1 enjoyed outdoor learning at Aberlady Bay. The children took part in four activities, exploring the wildlife that can be found around the saltmarsh area.The boys and girls were fascinated by the living things that they discovered in the mud and sand! Many thanks to John, our dedicated ranger, who was up at 5.30 a.m. to collect tubs of mud and sand for our investigations before the tide came in!

Ready, Teddy, Go!

This morning Primary 1 took part in a science workshop called “Ready, Teddy, Go! The theme for the activities was “Forces” and the children did experiments all about floating and sinking, friction and gravity. The boys and girls met two teddy bears- Isaac and Newton- who helped to explain how forces work. Primary 1 were very good at predicting before testing and are looking forward to doing more investigations in class during Target Time. Many thanks to Henri and Dean from Generation Science for making the learning so much fun!

Primary 1 Stories

Primary 1 are busy learning how to compose good stories. Today they had a go at making up adventures using resources at the sand area, the playdough, construction and drawing. The children came up with lots of exciting ideas about knights, cats, princesses and dinosaurs! Great effort boys and girls!

Target Time in P.1

On Monday “Target Time” was introduced in Primary 1. Throughout the week the children have a go at six challenges which are set up around the classroom. Every time they complete an activity successfully, the children take a different coloured lollipop stick and put it in their pot. By the end of the week they should have managed to make a rainbow! The boys and girls all agree that this is a fun way to learn!

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