Aberlady P7 learn to blog

Class photoToday we’ve been learning how to publish stuff to our class web site. It’s based on a weblog, or blog, so thisĀ is sometimesĀ called blogging. We’re all bloggers now! Click our photo to see a full-size picture.

We’ve learned to write our own posts and publish them to the web. We also had a bit of fun practising leaving comments. You can see our practice comments here. As our network was a bit slow, a lot of comments are about that!

11 thoughts on “Aberlady P7 learn to blog”

  1. I’m pleased we’ve got started with our class website and hope everyone will have lots of good ideas to make it really interesting.

  2. It’s such a pain when the network is slow, but hopefully you’ll feel it’s worth it when you start posting things up and getting feedback from everyone.

    You’ve got a beautiful blog design – can’t wait to see what happens in the school now!

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