On Thursday the 25th of October,there was a welcome assembly for our new headteacher,Miss Curran.The nursery started the assembly.They sang a song called ‘under the harvest moon’ with actions.They all looked so cute but maybe they were a bit nervous because it was their first time that they sang infront of the whole school.At the end they got a huge clap.We’re sure they were very proud.

We just want to say a huge thank you to the nursery for singing so beautifully.


  1. Maybe we could make a recording, or even a video, of the Nursery singing and publish that on the web for parents and relatives to see? The could end up with a recording contract! 😉

  2. I was sorry to miss the assembly today but I did enjoy listening to your rehearsal yesterday. I know Miss Curran thoroughly enjoyed the assembly – well done nursery boys and girls!

  3. The Nursery children’s song and actions were a wonderful start to this special Assembly. Everyone took part enthusiastically. I really enjoyed their performance and I was so impressed by the way in which the Nursery children sat so well to watch all of the rest of the Assembly. I think they must have been enjoying all the songs, poems and actions as much as I was.It was an event to remember – and I am very glad that we have it recorded.

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