P6 contribution to Miss Curran’s Welcome Assembly

P6 have been learning about World War II.They sang an old war children’s song called RUN RABBIT RUN.It took about 2 minutes to perform.And they used claves and woodblocks to make the sounds of the farmers gun.

3 thoughts on “P6 contribution to Miss Curran’s Welcome Assembly”

  1. Primary 6, the valuable work you undertook during your World War 2 project will continue to add to the independent learning skills you are developing. Your enthusiasm and interest is very evident when you share presentations, such as today. Well done you are successful learners and effective contributors!

  2. I enjoyed the song so much – and you obviously did, too! It made me think of the stories that my mother used to share with me about her World War 2 experiences. You have covered a lot in your topic work and I look forward to hearing more in your “VE Day Party” next week.

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