Day Two at Benmore


It has been another fun packed day. Here are some of the children’s thoughts.

“Sailing was my favourite activity today” – Jack

“The abseiling was really scary, but when you reached the bottom you had a real sense of pride.” – Sam

“The sailing and biking have been really fun today.” – Ben

“Hi to everyone who didn’t come on camp.” – Emma

“The sailing was really tricky but we soon got the hang of it. ” – Craig

“Biking in the woods was really fun.” – Calum

“The gorge walking was tricky.” – Charles

“It’s all good!” – Michael

“Today I have had good fun biking and abseiling. ” – Libby

“It was very muddy biking today.” – Catriona

“When you sail it is really hard to steer. I nearly crashed.” – Megan

Hi to Ellie, Zack and Ethan, we miss you all, from Primary 7.

Finally a very special mention: Happy Birthday Mum, from Euan.

6 thoughts on “Day Two at Benmore”

  1. Hi all, the Wards here. Sounds like you are all having great fun. Seems like you are enjoying it James.

  2. Hi craig! Sounds like you are having lots of fun, cant wait to hear you’re stories. We’re all missing you here, its much to quite.
    Love Mum, Col, Cam, Granuels and the Pooches x

  3. Hi Emma, we can’t find you in the picture, did you really make the bus journey?!?
    Sounds like your all busy, hope your having fun and not keeping everybody awake with your snoring 🙂

  4. Great to have a photo and to have more of your comments. Sounds like an amazing adventure so far. Can’t wait to hear more! Will get Ellie, Zac & Ethan linked up tomorrow (if they aren’t already). Look after yourselves!

  5. Hi Holly, it sounds a great place.You are all so lucky spending a whole week outside. Enjoy the rest of it.
    Love Mum and Stephanie.
    P.S. It is very peaceful without you and Dad!

  6. Hello, Carter. Sounds like you’re getting to do a lot of really fun and challenging activities and I’m sure you’re having a great time. Enjoy your last day. We can’t wait to hear all about the week when you get home! Love Mom, Dad and Mac (and Hamish)

    PS – no golf medal tomorrow – it’s next week.

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