‘Tern Around’ Animation Project

P3/4 have been very busy recently animating aspects of the life of the Arctic Tern. We have been working with Jim and Claire, from Red Kite Animation, animating the first part of a film about the migrating habits of the Arctic Tern. Other P3 classes from Dirleton, Athelstaneford, Gullane and Law Primary Schools are animating other sections of the film. Pupils from North Berwick High School are also working on the project.

We worked in groups to research the Arctic Tern and spent four sessions drawing and animating main events in its life.  Did you know that the Arctic Tern can live up to 34 years of age? Every year it flies from its Arctic breeding grounds to the Antarctic and back again. This journey is a 22,0000 mile round trip. In its lifetime, the average Arctic Tern will fly 500,000 miles – the same as flying to the moon and back! 

The film is to be launched in June at a special event at North Berwick. We can’t wait to see the finished film!

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10 thoughts on “‘Tern Around’ Animation Project”

  1. What a wonderful opportunity you have been given Primary 3/4. I am highly impressed with all of your art work. Having seen your fantastic group animations during the week, I now cannot wait to see the finished film either!
    Well done for all of your hard work in such a short time!

  2. This has been a very absorbing project and I can tell from these photos that you have enjoyed taking part. The illustrations for the animation are superb and I like the humour that you have added to your characters. Just like Miss Howat, I am looking forward to June 9th and the chance to see your section of the film and how it fits together with all the others from the participating schools.
    You must feel very pleased to have played your part in this exciting challenge – and you have achieved so much! Congratulations, everyone!

  3. Your artwork is fantastic and you must of had so much fun! It was really interesting to read this post and I would like to see the finished movie too!

  4. What an exciting way to learn! You must all be very proud of what you’ve been able to achieve – well done!

  5. My P3 class in North Berwick are also taking part and have done the part when the Tern returns to the Arctic. I know how hard you all worked to get in done in such a short time! I am looking forward to seeing the finished result in June. See you there!

  6. The film is now finished and we went to see it at the High School. Well done everyone!

  7. My mum thinks that the film is totally amazing and that the Aberlady section was absolutely the best. P3/4 rock!

  8. The film is fantastic – lovely art work, some wonderful humour and a great way to get across an important message. Special congratulations to Ben, Cameron and Eve for their great talk at the parents’ preview at North Berwick High School. You were very good ambassadors for the school and the village. Well done!

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