Talent Of Aberlady (The T Factor)

The finals of the Talent Of Aberlady took place in the school on Friday. We were entertained with seventeen different acts; singing, dancing, beatboxing, drumming and drama. What a lot of talent there was on show, it was a difficult decision for the teacher’s to make. First place went to the Roadsters, second place to the Hula Girls and third place to Princess Pinky.

Thank you to Primary 5 who took the organising of this event on as an enterprise project. Eleanor and Amy were our hostesses for the morning and did a fantastic job. We hope everyone who attended enjoyed the show.

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One thought on “Talent Of Aberlady (The T Factor)”

  1. It was fun when we did the Talent show!! I was in the purple dress and my friend was in the yellow!! I was one of the winners and we where 2nd place!! I was so exited!! The other two girls was 3rd and the boys where 1st!!

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