The National Library of Scotland visits Aberlady

As part of our topic on the Victorians, Primary 6 and 7 had a visit from Calum who works for the National Library of Scotland. We became ‘History Detectives’ for the day and learnt how to interpret historical evidence. The children worked well in teams and were expert detectives!

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts on this site and my students find it interesting to see a school from the other side of the world and how they operate – apparently the photograph of your School at the log on page looks like the school from Harry Potter but I don’t really think it does! Anyway… keep up all the good work. We’re putting an RSS feedlink to your site so you may well get some more New Zealand traffic in the near future!
    Mr Webb, Room Six, Tamaki Intermediate School,
    Auckland, New Zealand.

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