Primary 6 and 7 experience life in a Victorian school!


“Children should be seen and not heard!” What a peaceful day the teachers of P6 and P7 had today!

The children went back 113 years in time to the year 1895. They experienced the 3R’s, vocal and physical gymnastics, the dunces hat (some more than once), an inspection from Miss Curran and an object lesson.

Well done to everyone for dressing up and entering into the spirit of the day. We hope you learnt a lot through first hand experience.

One thought on “Primary 6 and 7 experience life in a Victorian school!”

  1. I think the costumes looked fantastic, it must have been hard to write on the slate, but the desks looked a bit shiny. Was that the teachers dressed up in uniforms?
    Mr Webb, Room Six, Tamaki Intermediate, New Zealand.

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