PTA AGM agrees plans to spend £4,000 in school

The PTA held its AGM on 26 November 2008.  We reported another great year of fundraising and are in a position to donate £4,000 to the school. 


We proposed that £1,000 would be set aside to spend on activities, facilities or equipment requested by the children.  We have therefore written to the Pupil Council asking them to decide how the money should be spent.  We have asked them to ensure they consult widely, including getting input from the Health and Eco Committees.  It is a relatively large sum of money, but we really wanted to encourage creative thinking and make it possible for either ‘big’  or ‘diverse’ ideas to become a reality.  We are looking forward to hearing how they go about consulting across the school, what they decide to buy and why – maybe the process will help some budding entrepreneurs develop the kind of skills they would need to face the ‘Dragons’ Den’!  


The remaining £3,000 will go directly to the school, and we were pleased to hear plans on how the funds would be spent.  Three staff have recently spent a weekend attending a course on how to make maths fun and we are delighted that some of the PTA funds will be used to buy some fantastic, outdoor maths resources to enable the school to implement, without delay, some of the ideas from the course.  In addition, the school plans to broaden the range of reading materials to which the children have access, in particular there is a need for reading materials in different genres such as plays and poetry.  Some of the money will be used to ensure classes have increased access to a ‘Visualiser’.  This piece of equipment allows any paper-based resource, be it a class reading book, or a pupil’s work to be viewed and worked upon by the whole class on the interactive whiteboard.  Increasing the range of resources for the interactive whiteboard is also a school priority as well as reserving some funds for theme day(s)/weeks later in the school year.


It was great to be able to donate funds to help our school to become an even better place, but in order to continue to be the successful, supportive body it is, the PTA needs more parents to become involved.  A number of PTA committee members have completed their terms of office and the positions of Vice-chair and Secretary are now vacant.  If you would like to find out more about what is involved in either of these roles, please contact Sharon Douglas, Chair.  In addition we are keen to involve more parents in the PTA as parent members.  It is a great way to get to know people and to be involved actively in supporting your child’s school.  Without more active parents, activities such as the parents’ evening crèche, ceilidh and hallowe’en disco cannot be sustained.  If you are willing to help, please speak to Sharon or any other member of the PTA committee – a specific offer of one-off help for a particular event is just as welcome as an on-going commitment as a committee member.