Imaginative Writing by Laura and Lauren – Primary 6

Primary 6 have been learning how to write Imaginative Stories. They have been trying hard to use similes and metaphors to help the reader build a visual image of what is happening in the story. In order to be successful they had to; introduce the characters (describe what they look like and are like as a person), describe the setting/atmosphere (what can you see and what can you hear), describe when the story took place, develop the plot in detail (what happened first – the problem or complication, what happened then – the tense or dramatic part and what happened next – how do the characters get out of the situation they are in), they also had to bring the story to an end with a simple conclusion (how do things work out). Alongside this they have been studying VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation). They have been working on their use of language (similes/metaphors and language to entertain the reader). They have also been trying to write a variety of different types and lengths of sentences.  They have tried to use good sentence openers and joining words to extend some sentences. Finally they have been analysing how the use of certain punctuation can help to develop tension and build up excitement within their work. This has been a project undertaken over many weeks and we are beginning to finalise our stories; self evaluating, peer evaluating and editing our work. Here is a brilliant example which has been planned and written over a three week period. It now features on the Aberlady Good Work Wall outside Miss Curran’s office.

The Worst Holiday Ever!

Jessie was a normal girl with long brown hair and blue eyes, she was small and very brave. She was eleven years old. Jessie was very excited as it was her first day in AUSTRALIA! It was December, summer and hot.

Jessie and her family grabbed their swimming stuff, sun cream and towel and shoved it in their bags, it was absolute chaos. Jessie was so so happy, it was her first day and they were going to the BEACH! They all got in the car and set off. As Jessie opened the door she almost fainted with joy. The beach was packed with people, there were swaying palm trees in the wind and the sea was crystal clear.

The sea looked lovely and cool and inviting. Jessie couldn’t wait to go in for a swim. She ran straight down into the sea. She started swimming far out until she felt something beneath her….”SHARK!” she screamed. She started swimming frantically like a speed boat gliding through the water. She shrieked, “HELP!” She climbed up on a rock…CRASH…she slipped.

The shark was circling Jessie like a loop going round and round and round again. Jessie felt sick and dizzy, all she wanted to do was go home. “THIS IS THE WORST HOLIDAY EVER,” she screeched. Jessie was feeling really ill, she felt the earth shaking beneath her like an explosive volcano. Ahhhhhh, thud! She fell with a splash…and the water turned red….

Written by Laura and Lauren – Primary 6

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  1. To Laura and Lauren,
    I know how hard you both worked on this story especially organising all your interesting ideas on your planning sheet before writing. It is a terrific story and a really good read. Laurella

  2. i thought this was the best story i have ever read,great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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