Marvellous Mondays


The Charity Club in school have started Marvellous Mondays again. Once a month on a Monday the Aberlady Friendly Club are invited in to school to have a cup of tea or coffee, eat cakes and play board games with the Charity Club. Here are some pictures of everybody playing the games and having fun. By Freyja and Cameron

5 thoughts on “Marvellous Mondays”

  1. I am so pleased to read of the success of the first Marvellous Monday this session and I look forward to coming along to the next one. I hope we can encourage more people to join. I am sure there are older people in Aberlady who would enjoy these games afternoons. Let’s hope our visitors from this week spread the word to their friends for next time! Well done everyone for arranging this. You all look as though you had great fun, too!

  2. sounds good,good!!!! i think Marvellous Mondays are great!!! the friendly club comes every Monday?

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