P1/2 Five Alive Workshop

On Tuesday Primary 1/2 had a “Five Alive” Workshop. They had a visit from a poet called Colin Will. He came to work with them to talk about Healthy foods and exercise. They then wrote this poem together:

What foods do the class like?

Broccoli, because it looks like a tree
Oranges, because they’re tangy
Pears, because they’re sweet
Apples, because they’re juicy

Salad, because it’s crunchy
Pizza, because it’s cheesy
Crisps, because they’re crispy
Pasta, because it’s greasy

Noodles, because they wriggle
Sausages, because they’re tasty
Fish and chips, because they’re yum, yum
Chocolate, because it’s brown
Peas because they’re green
Cake, because it’s icy

The class likes walking, push-ups, skipping, running, jogging and skateboarding. Most play football, and everybody likes swimming.

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