p6/7 trip to the River Tyne


Primary 6 and 7 went to visit the River Tyne in Haddington as part of their Rivers Project. They went in the afternoon, having been at Whiteadder Reservoir in the morning. They took part in River Dipping at both sites and compared what they found in the Rivers at each stretch of water.  Eilidh found a big trout at Whiteadder but there were many more creatures at the River Tyne. Mrs Mason was renamed “Mrs Shuffle” because she had wellies on and could shuffle her feet in the water to let us use our nets to catch many different mayfly nymphs, caddis flies, shrimps and other creatures.
It was a great fun day; please look at our photographs to see what other activities we were doing.

By Ailidh

2 thoughts on “p6/7 trip to the River Tyne”

  1. This looks to have been a great trip and so relevant to your topic. I like the photographs of some of you at the water-wheel problem solving task. Did you manage to get the wheel working? I imagine that, being such good problem solvers, your answer to my question will be YES!

  2. It was a really fun trip and I learned so much about rivers. I loved finding all the creatures in the river and learning about them!

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