Day 3 at Benmore!

We have just heard from Mrs Mackay that there are lots of glowing red faces at Benmore tonight. Unfortunately it is the windswept look and not a sun tan! Everybody is happy and having lots of fun. All of your lovely comments have been passed on and we have a few more for you tonight:

“Happy birthday Mum, have a good one. I have got you a present! I am making lots of new friends. Missing you all, love you lots and lots.” from Eilidh

“Having a good time. I’ve been sailing and biking and made new friends.” from Lana

“I’ve made lots of friends. I have enjoyed most of the activities, especially sailing.” from Tommy

“I am having great fun. I have done all the activities and loved the abseiling the most. Miss you loads.” from Mac

“I am having fun. The abseiling was GREAT. I have made lots of new friends.” from Amy

“I am really enjoying myself. I am getting very wet and running out of clothes. I am enjoying everything including sailing, kayaking, abseiling and rock climbing. It is so much fun that I am not even missing home!!!! Looking forward to that pizza on Friday though!” from Emma

7 thoughts on “Day 3 at Benmore!”

  1. Hi Rachael-Meg, so glad to hear u r having so much fun, and making new friends. Can’t wait 2 c u on Friday, hi to Lana & Chloe, lol M, D, K, wiggles from Brogan and miaow from Leo, LOL……XXX

  2. Hannah, hope you are having a great time. We are missing you loads. Noosa’s missing her daily walk with you. See you on Friday.

  3. Hi Eilidh. Thanks for my card! Glad to hear that you are all having a great time. I am sure you will be very tired when you get back.Missing you lots.Mum, Dad and Euan xoxo

  4. Hi P7’s, especially my treasure. Hope you’re all having a gr8 time and behaving yourselves! Village very quiet without you all. Only one more sleep till you’re home! Cant wait to hear all about it from Rachael over a bowl of nachos on Friday afternoon!
    Safe journey home
    Love the Adam family.
    de de de de – click,click

  5. Hi Eilidh. Thanks for the card! You sound as if you are all having a great time – I am sure you will be very tired (and grumpy!) when you arrive home tomorrow. The house is very quiet without you – we are all missing you. Love you lots Mum, Dad and Euan xoxo

  6. Hi all P7’s, especially Rachael A. Hope you’re all having a gr8 time and are looking forward to coming home! Not! Village not the same without you.
    Safe journey back and c u all soon.
    Love Sarah

  7. Hope you’ve enjoyed your last day. Looking forward to seeing you soon. I was going to tidy your room but ran out of time!
    Love Brenna xxx

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