Poppy Scotland Poetry Competition

Poppy Scotland Poetry Competition


[rockyou 154994567]      To raise money for Poppy Scotland this year the Charity Committee ran a poetry writing competition for the middle and upper school. Pupils were asked to write a poem about ‘Remembrance’.  Why did they think it was important to remember all the people who have fought and died for our country? We had entries from P4, 5 and 6.


Our winning poems were written by Matthew (P5) and Gregor (P6). Congratulations, boys!


Why Poppies?

The war ended,

Thousands dead,

Many tears,

Throughout the years.


Soldiers cried,

Bullets were shot,

Many were killed,

But on they fought.


They ask, ‘Why poppies?’

Let them understand,

Poppies grow from the wreckage,

Of that Promised Land.


Gregor P6


The End Of The War

The war is at an end,

Dead bodies lying on the ground,

The sound of guns we should not hear,

Still ringing in our ears.


The battlefield is red,

The graves are being made,

Bullets that shot here and there,

Now they litter the ground.


Around the poppies are growing,

Pushing through the soil,

All over Flanders Fields,

Spreading the memory of the dead.


Matthew P5