First Day Back At School for P5/6

P5/6 have had a great first day back at school. We have moved over to the Mobile Classroom and we really like it because there is lots of space and it feels like we are the only class in school.

Today, after we had shared our holiday stories, we wrote a letter to ourselves listing our targets for this year. We are going to open the letters on the very last day of this year to see if we have achieved our targets

In the afternoon we played a very special ‘Scavenger Hunt’. We filled in a questionnaire about ourselves and then had to find someone else in the class who matched our answers. It was great fun and we learned lots about each other that we didn’t know before.

Aidan said: ‘I learned that Campbell’s favourite movie, ‘Goal’, is the same as mine’.

Hannah found out that Kimberley’s favourite pizza topping was the same – yummy cheese!

Lewis learned that Jack C.’s favourite school subject was project research. Lewis loves to find out new facts too.

Ellen and Lauren like the same food – pizza! Roddy and Aidan like the same sport – football. Emma-Lilly and Rebekah like the new CBBC television programmes. Ellen and Kirsty like ‘One Tree Hill’.

We had a fun day!


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