Web Club 2010

Miss Wood and I are delighted to announce that the Aberlady Web Club will be starting on Tuesday 9th of November at 12.45pm in the P3/4 classroom.

As demand for the club has been high, pupils have been selected at random to participate in the web club this term. Pupils who have not been selected will get a chance to participate later in the session.

If your name is listed below, you are the webmasters for this term and we will see you on Tuesday. We have a special visit from David Gilmour (IT Web Officer for East Lothian) who will be teaching us all about the school website. Thank you David for agreeing to come in to help.

Tommy P3/4

Eve P3/4

ImogenĀ  P3/4

AlekĀ  P3/4

Drew P3/4

Luke P4/5

Lily P4/5

Ruth P4/5

Emma Lily P5/6

Kyle P5/6

Lauren P5/6

Connor P6/7

Rebecca P6/7

Vikram P6/7

2 thoughts on “Web Club 2010”

  1. Thanks for the invitation, I’m looking forward to meeting the new team. I’m sure you’ll have lots of ideas for improving the school site, and maybe creating some new ones too!

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