Hello P6/7 – Invention Time

I am  sure you are all enjoying the snow however, I am also sure most of you will be losing the excitement element and are wanting to return to school!

 For those who are Miss Wood and I would like to keep you busy by asking you design a useful ‘Snow Tool’.

We would like you to draw and describe your invention, locate suppliers of the required materials and work out the cost of making 1 of you Snow Tool.

Once you have completed the above tasks, using Microsoft Word and the ‘Table’ function, create a questionnaire (frequency table) that will all you to gather peoples views/opinions of your product. Conduct a survey of your family and friends (recording your answers using tally marks) and if you have access to Excel input your gathered data onto a spreadsheet and display your findings in a  graph or pie chart form.

If you do not have access to Excel, you can draw and bar graph of your results.

And when you thought the challenge was finished…. Please create an advertisement poster for your Snow Tool

When we return to school we will collate your design and survey results.

Good Luck

Mrs Peaston and Miss Wood

P.s Any questions please use the Blog and hopefully we will be able to help you

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