Help needed!

Aberlady Primary, like all East Lothian schools, anticipates being open to pupils on Monday. Please continue to check the East Lothian Council website for updates. We have been advised that, given the high volume of snow throughout East Lothian, colleagues in Roads and Transportation will not have the capacity to clear anything other than the main access points and staff car parks for most primary schools – possibly not all, especially if access roads are compromised by parked cars. ELC Janitorial staff have been asked to come into schools on Sunday between 10am and 4pm to clear access and pathways in all primary schools and we are hopeful that we will have that support, too. Having discussed our local Aberlady position with Parent Council, we are keen to have any support you can offer in partnership to help to clear the school grounds in preparation for opening on Monday.

With that in mind, can we ask that, at 2pm on Sunday, as many parents/community members as possible come to the school car park warmly clad and  equipped with snow shovels, coarse brushes, wheelbarrows etc . Our focus will be on tackling paths and access routes etc (but it may be more than that, if colleagues in Roads & Transportation have not managed to get to us). Any/all help will be much appreciated. Please pass it on to those you meet in the course of the weekend. Thank you!