P3 Health Week so far

The highlights of Health Week so far have been Hand Washing, Taekwon Do, Wake up and Shake Up and Drama. To wash your hands properly you have to wash your hands for 30 seconds and to know when 30 seconds is up you can sing happy birthday two times. When we went to drama we had to save two princesses and the king from a tower because granny McDonald was ill. At Taekwon Do we got to punch and kick. That’s P3 Health Week so far!


One thought on “P3 Health Week so far”

  1. This is a good account of Health Week, Primary 3, and I love the photos of you doing your Taekwon Do moves. We have all had a very busy time this week and we need to say a special THANK YOU to our Health Committee for putting together such a good programme.

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