P5/6 Dental Health

On Tuesday, 15th April Mrs Thomson came in to talk to P5/6 about her job as a dentist.
To start off, she talked to us about keeping our teeth clean and healthy. She told us a phrase, ‘Spit, don’t rinse!’ to remind us not to rinse the toothpaste away after we have brushed our teeth. She also told us about which of our new teeth are coming in and how to brush our teeth properly. She told us about how to look after teeth braces as well.
Then Mrs Thomson talked to us about eating healthy food. She said that we should eat sugary foods as a treat after meals instead of snacking and spreading the sweet things through the day. Sugary food will attack the enamel in our teeth. The Mrs Thomson told us that we should use fluoride toothpaste. She said that in each toothpaste there is a different amount of fluoride in it and that we should be using 1500ppm (parts per million.)
Before she left, Mrs Thomson handed out two tubes of toothpaste to everyone. Thank You so much Mrs Thomson!

Lily and Esme

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  1. Well done, Lily & Esme, for an excellent account of this recent visit from Mrs Thomson. It is clear that you learned a lot about dental health and I was particularly interested in the information about fluoride levels in toothpaste. We are so lucky to have such informative and helpful parents who are willing to give their time to tell us about their careers and share such useful advice. Thank you again, Mrs Thomson!

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