Finish Food Assembly

Today we had a visit from Joe from Changeworks who came to encourage us all not to waste our food. He told us about how much food is wasted in our schools and in the whole country. He explained what happens to food when it is sent to landfill. It is HORRIBLE! He asked us not to be Silly Sausages, and to finish the food we are given (Here’s a hint – do not take too much to begin with. You can always ask for more!)
We found out that the Eco Committee had secretly weighed all the waste from our dinner hall on ONE day last week. It was 36kg (5stone 9lbs!!) We weighed one of the P7 boys and it was the same weight as him! We are going to try to reduce the amount we waste every day so that the next time the rubbish is weighed it will be much less.
At the end of our assembly, P1 and the Nursery sang a fantastic Eco song and played some of the instruments they made yesterday. It was brilliant. Thanks Nursery and P1.
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