P3/4 learning this week

Kate and Esther’s diary:

Dear Diary,
This week in Maths we were focusing on money and change. We had a workshop all about the BFG. In the workshop we learnt a song about the BFG and snozzcumbers. A lady came in to teach us for a performance and we will perform it in front of two other schools next week. The next day we did Art with the p4/5. In Art we were designing a secret display!!
We are also learning how to play Tennis.

One thought on “P3/4 learning this week”

  1. What an amazing display, P3/4! It made me feel so happy (and also a bit sad). I shall enjoy looking at it every day when I come into the school and I think other people will also enjoy the detail in your collages. I must thank P4/5, too!
    Hmmmm! I think I now understand why everyone looked a bit startled when I popped into the Art lesson on Thursday but I didn’t notice what you were doing. The entrance display came as a huge SURPRISE! Thank you so much.

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